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This virtual exhibition space is meant as a podium for contemporary artists who found their way in the regular art world and want to explore the opportunities of the world wide web.

We organize shows of recent artwork in a 3d virtual reality room. This technology makes it possible to resemblance a real life exhibition.

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3dArtGallery doesn't come easy. First of all, your machine needs a Java 2 SE platform (at least 1.3.1).
The gallery consists of a 3d java applet. In order to run it, you have to install a Java 3D DirectX plugin (Java3D 1.3.1 or higher).
The browser should enable DirectX 8.0 and you need a 3D graphic card.

We detected on your computer:
Please decide if you want to download the plugin, skip java and continue in plain HTML or enter and visit the 3d gallery